Natalie’s Love Story

Natalie from Vancouver,Canada fell in love with tall,dark,handsome Malvinder and she immediately decided to learn Punjabi to impress him and her mother in law.


Amanda’s Love for Hindi

Amanda from London, UK once visited India when she was 7 and it was perhaps these very memories that made her want to learn Hindi. She now converses in basic hindi after just a few classes.


Kavita’s Indian Background

Ever since Kavita relocated to California, USA 18 years back, her parents wanted her to learn Hindi so that she could be in touch with her roots. After having completed our 'Spoken Hindi' course, she now speaks Hindi fluently.


Dave’s Voiceover Needs

Dave is a media mogul from Toronto. He regularly needs help with e-learning projects, audio books, commercial voice overs, and telephone menus to be made in different languages including Punjabi and Hindi.


Anu’s Translation Job

Anu and Sarit run a media company in Toronto, Canada and they often need help with translating official and other documents like birth certificates, medical documents for their clients in both Punjabi and Hindi.

Professional Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi Voice Over Artist’s Services and Dubbing Agency

Hindi voice over artistWhile looking for a voice over artist or dubbing artist if your primary concerns are – their command over the language, their pronunciation, their style of speaking, their accent, and their voice quality; consider them addressed and taken care of. Because, another speciality of our company is providing professional voice over services in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. We have been involved with myriad voice over and dubbing projects in all these three languages and have worked with companies as well as individuals in the UK, Canada (Vancouver), and the United States of America. Each customer who has approached us for a voice over project has come right back to us if they ever needed a project done again. So our voice-over talent is not just widely appreciated, but equally used as well. Our agency provides both male and female voice over artists.

Our Punjabi and Hindi voice over artists are native professionals whose mother tongues are the same languages they specialize and provide services in. For example, you will never be allocated a Punjabi voice over artist for your Hindi voice over requirements by our agency. Similarly, the artists we have are very experienced in a certain kind of voice over projects, so you are guaranteed complete satisfaction with your projects.

We specialize in narration services and e-learning projects. Narration for audio books, documentaries, medical narration, technical narration, financial narration, audio tours, and news releases are some of different types of voice over projects we have completed successfully.

Our dubbing and voice over services are reasonably priced and we specialize in Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. Please visit our contact page to get in touch with us with your requirements. We will check your requirements and if we are sure of completing your project well, we will get in touch with you and take it forward. If you would like to check some of our voice over feedback, please visit our testimonials page.

We work with a small, but reliable team of male and female voice over artists who specialize in languages of their interest. We still have a good diversity as our artists come from different parts of the world right from New Delhi, Bangalore to Vancouver, and Toronto. We have professionally set up studios that are equipped with advanced technology mics and other instruments that are especially useful for great voice over quality. Each project that we undertake is thoroughly checked at least by 2 separate managers before being finalized. We pay special attention to voice quality and keep revising your project until we are completely satisfied with it. The voice over artists we have are in different age groups so that we can meet your demand of any specific age group and any specific voice kind.

Besides voice over, we are also into dubbing services in all three languages. Whether it is dubbing from English to Hindi or English to Punjabi, we have done them both. We are comfortable in any language pair between Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and English. Typically, dubbing is done for TV serials, Movies, and other TV programs. However, if you have any other dubbing requirement, feel free to contact us with your requirement and we will give you the best quote possible.

So, whether you are looking for dubbing services or voice over services in the UK, Canada, USA or any other part of the world, we can always help you with your requirements. Our agency not only has professional voice over artists, but also high quality recording studios that ensure perfection in work. Whether it be a simplified telephone menu required in Hindi or Punjabi or a complex e-learning project or a commercial to address the locals in a certain target market, we have done them all within the prescribed time limit and without compromising with the quality of work. So hire a Punjabi or Hindi voice-over talent now without any further delay! 

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