Natalie’s Love Story

Natalie from Vancouver,Canada fell in love with tall,dark,handsome Malvinder and she immediately decided to learn Punjabi to impress him and her mother in law.


Amanda’s Love for Hindi

Amanda from London, UK once visited India when she was 7 and it was perhaps these very memories that made her want to learn Hindi. She now converses in basic hindi after just a few classes.


Kavita’s Indian Background

Ever since Kavita relocated to California, USA 18 years back, her parents wanted her to learn Hindi so that she could be in touch with her roots. After having completed our 'Spoken Hindi' course, she now speaks Hindi fluently.


Dave’s Voiceover Needs

Dave is a media mogul from Toronto. He regularly needs help with e-learning projects, audio books, commercial voice overs, and telephone menus to be made in different languages including Punjabi and Hindi.


Anu’s Translation Job

Anu and Sarit run a media company in Toronto, Canada and they often need help with translating official and other documents like birth certificates, medical documents for their clients in both Punjabi and Hindi.

Want to Learn Punjabi Online? Let Native Tutors help you. Take Our One-to-One Courses on Skype. Our Classes Quickly Enable you to Learn Punjabi Through English

If you are looking to learn to speak Punjabi, have you considered learning it online through a professional spoken language course yet? Learning a language online, Hindi or Punjabi has its positives as well as negatives. One of the biggest positives is that you can learn with a tutor face to face without having to travel. If the tutor comes down to your place, you may have to pay them conveyance cost. However, learning online works without boundaries. It does not matter whether you are in East London, West London, Birmingham, Derby, Coventry, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Mumbai, Delhi or Singapore.

There are many free websites that give you free Punjabi classes online. They have languages broken down into chapters and it is completely up to you how much you would like to learn. If you manage to keep your appetite high long enough, you may even master these languages. However, you would notice that without a teacher, your interest would fade away in a couple of weeks. Some people who would really give their eye teeth to get a grasp of a language could benefit from such a proposition.

However, let’s face it; learning to speak a new, foreign language could get really challenging. You may have just heard only a few sentences in your favourite language, but you are determined to go the whole nine yards. Its like going to a gym without an instructor. You can make use of the equipment, but there is no one to monitor your progress. Learning to speak Punjabi could be fun if you have a routine and you practice it interacting with a tutor. A tutor or a teacher would keep your interest up and mentor you to practice the language in an effective and scientific manner. It is very important that your Punjabi tutor is experienced and effective.

Our Punjabi Tutors Make Online Teaching Sheer Fun! Our Language Courses (on Skype) Through English Make you Want to Learn Punjabi as you Fall in Love With it

If you need a solid push that motivates you to master a language in a few days, you must try a trial lesson with our teachers. Our Punjabi tutors are easy going, dependable, and experienced professionals who have decades of experience in teaching Punjabi online. We have Punjabi language courses that quickly get you interested in the language and make you want to learn to speak the language at your earliest. Our Punjabi tutors are friendly and understand your psychology and your expectations. This is why we have easy to understand modules that help you  master these languages online. Once your one-on-one Skype lesson is over, you get the same content in a well written document. All you really need to do is to go through it and you will find it really useful in retaining most of what you learnt in the lesson. Besides, if you ever have doubts about the document or the lesson you took earlier, you can write us a quick email or you can also choose to clarify your doubts in your next lessons.

Spoken Skype Lessons Through English by Our Punjabi Tutors Enable you to Conveniently Learn Online

Punjabi tutors

Our Punjabi language classes are not just meant for kids, but they are also for adults who are serious and committed about learning them. If you have been typically looking for a reasonable service that takes spoken classes online through English, please talk to our customer service, for your search may be over. We have been taking classes on Skype for people from all over the world. We have been told that our lessons are fun and easy to adapt to. We understand that it may be difficult to understand a new language, which is why we are very aware of when you should be propelled to snowball your learning and when you should go slow. All lessons are taken through Skype and even a single 45 minute class could increase your interest in the language manifold. All our online classes are through English, which makes it easier for you to learn.

Our classes can be useful not just for students who have to study these languages as a part of their academic curriculum but also for those who want to take spoken Punjabi lessons so that they can learn a few words and sentences and converse with their friends and impress near and dear ones. Many of our students are also those who as kids relocated to other countries like the UK, Australia or the USA, but basically belong to India and their parents would like them to learn Punjabi to stay in touch with their roots.

You can book your lessons with our Punjabi tutors as per your convenience, but the class must be booked at least 24 hours before the class. We also have a discount if you book our course. The course would cover both beginners and advanced learners. However, we encourage you to start with just one lesson to review your interest and your availability first. If you develop enough interest for the language after your first lesson; then you can book our spoken Punjabi courses. So, don’t wait and contact us right now to book an online lesson now.

It does not matter whether you are in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or any other country; if you would like to learn how to speak a new language, Our tutors are right there to make sure distance is not going to be a barrier anymore. We believe nothing should come between you and us and if mastering a new language is all that you want to focus on, we are right here to help you!

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