Online Tutoring

How could I take language classes online? You now can; with online tutoring provided by many websites

Alaskan woman doing homework at picnic benchThere are many websites meant for tutoring online globally through Skype. To utilize this wonderful work at home legitimate online job feature, one must have a good, high speed internet connection. You also need to download and install Skype basic/ free connection on your PC/Laptop. One thing more you require is a good headset cum mic. If you have all these things, learning through online tutoring will become a piece of cake.

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Punjabi Tutor Vs. Teacher

Would you like to take a Punjabi Language Course by a Punjabi Tutor or a Teacher?

Punjabi tutor Vs. teacherIf you are wondering what we are talking about, then read on because a Punjabi tutor and a Punjabi teacher may both solve the same purpose of helping you learn Punjabi, but they are not the same. It is true that both a Punjabi tutor and a teacher teach students, but when we think about a teacher, we see a person who is well qualified, holding a diploma or a degree in education and well versed in all the skills of teaching a particular subject in which they have attained mastery. Continue Reading →

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